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Justin's Save the Frogs Project

Justin's Save the Frogs Project / Fundraise for SAVE THE FROGS!

My name is Justin! I am 6 years old and in first grade. I live in Los Angeles, California. I love to play outdoors, hike, go camping, play with my friends, and get dirty. Most of all, I like to be happy and I am happiest when I think about FROGS! I have always loved frogs ever since I can remember and it made me sad to hear that frogs are disappearing. I started a Save the Frogs Project so I can inspire and educate people to make a positive impact on our planet to protect frogs and other wildlife.
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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $75.00 / 740 days ago

    Smencil Pencil Fundraiser

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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $25.00 / 780 days ago

    Smencil Pencil Fundraiser

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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $64.00 / 789 days ago

    Smencil Pencil Fundraiser Money

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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $75.00 / 817 days ago

    Smencil Pencil Fundraiser: Trisha, Anne, Otis

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    Suzanne Weigl

    $103.00 / 826 days ago

    Justin is an inspiration to us all! Love his initiative to help save the frogs. I have also always loved frogs and I'm only happy to support fellow frog lovers help these amazing animals. Good job Justin! /*ribbit* from Sweden

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    Go Plae Shoes

    $830.00 / 844 days ago

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    Sharen Oxman

    $25.00 / 847 days ago

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    Gayle Janzen

    $20.60 / 857 days ago

    Thank you, Justin, for doing so much to raise awareness about the plight of our frogs. You are awesome!

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    $11.33 / 857 days ago


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    Frank Riolo

    $20.60 / 857 days ago

    Keep it up Justin and great job!

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    Judith A Schriebman

    $25.75 / 866 days ago

    Hi Justin, I loved frogs as children, too. I became a herpetologist. But you are my action hero for getting new wetlands as homes for frogs! Thank you for following your heart.

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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $56.00 / 872 days ago

    Cash Donations: Jack R, Long Beach Aquarium, Gabrielle, Blue Feet Foundation, LMU friends, Charolette R., Grandma Babcia

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    $25.00 / 874 days ago

    Uncle Greg , Natalie , Nicole , Brooks and Aunt Anne are proud of you!!!🐸

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    Zoe Bathie

    $20.60 / 892 days ago

    We saw your video at the school assembly! It was really cool.

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    Janel Ray

    $20.00 / 895 days ago

  • 958b7ffb3b134b8470752c1ae06c51f7? nophoto

    Louisa Jaskulski

    $103.00 / 905 days ago

    Hey Justin - I was totally in love with all kinds of animals and nature when I was a kid too. Now I am 70 yrs old, and still love animals and nature. Good for you for caring - I am sure you are a super cool kid, and will grow up and become a really cool man.

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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $7.00 / 905 days ago

    Cash Donations: Darius

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    Alex Henao

    $115.00 / 908 days ago

    Hi Justin, we have loved having you be a part of My Gym and we are so proud of this project you are taking on. We wish you much luck and that you are able to save many frogs!

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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $20.00 / 910 days ago

    Cash Donations: Grossman Family, Loftin Family, Muehlherr Family, and Scholz Family

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    Wanda M Giordano

    $50.00 / 921 days ago

    Dear Justin - As I discover all you've done for the California Red-Legged Frogs by building 3 new wetlands and addressing problems of the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs living in rivers of CA I realize I must send more money for your wonderful works ... LONG LIVE THE FROG!!!

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    Marcela Rondani

    $10.00 / 929 days ago

    Great initiative Justin We are grateful to help

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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $41.00 / 931 days ago

    Cash Donations: Charlier's Corner, Bravery Mag, Jeff, Oliver and Benjamin, Andrea and Juliana

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    Wanda M Giordano

    $50.00 / 944 days ago

    We must do all we can to help save these precious, dynamic animals from extinction... Long live the Frog!

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    Erika Frazier

    $25.75 / 945 days ago

    Yay Justin! Keep up the good work! Love, Chloe Frazier :-)

  • 03f544337e0c087326c11df489a66905? nophoto

    Tara Johnson

    $5.15 / 945 days ago

    This is so cool Justin! I learned about your project on the Rainbow Rock Instagram account. I love when kids do fun stuff to support things they care about.

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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $35.00 / 951 days ago

    CASH DONATIONS- Kelly Mogg, Joe Bergeron, Darleen Lucht, Cara Slapnicka, Kerry Rupe, Cathy Bergeron

  • D6be6b5eb6995768d9215b44394f50c5? nophoto

    Agnes Hsu

    $20.60 / 955 days ago

    Way to go Justin! Love your enthusiasm for saving the frogs! Love, your friend Alia (from Rainbow Rock Project)

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    Aubree Stevens

    $5.00 / 961 days ago

    You are awesome Justin!

  • 681eb71d291c4cfeb16c40eff66bafaa? nophoto

    Evelyn Munoz

    $25.75 / 966 days ago

  • Bd49bed3f2dad8675d7bab180ae83ce9? nophoto

    Sheri Sather

    $90.00 / 970 days ago

    Cash Donations: Wendy Tsien, Solana Torres, Peri Lachman, Lori Blackburn, Lena Vann, Skirball Cultural Center

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    $30.00 / 988 days ago

    Great job, Justin! Your leadership and love of frogs is remarkable for such a young man. We are very proud of you!

  • Fc48ff73cbf88721792eead5c714f3ec? nophoto

    Mia Valenzuela

    $10.00 / 990 days ago

  • 00990a8424e493ceb09fbc44b91fc22b? nophoto

    Jaime Nack

    $20.00 / 992 days ago

    Go Justin! Thank you for all you are doing to raise awareness for our froggie friends. The environment needs more crusaders like you!

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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $25.00 / 995 days ago

    Cash Donations: Dering Family, 8th Grade Buddy, Cox Family, Russo Kids, Magnus, Ryder, Long Beach Aquarium Friend, Shay and Olivia, Mason, Cashton.

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    $30.90 / 1002 days ago

    Justin, We are so inspired by your desire to help save the frogs! Keep up the good work budddy! Love, Smurda Fam

  • 9175344cb12ab8648a3eab9f20f78dc4? nophoto

    Jasmine Becket-Griffith

    $25.75 / 1004 days ago

    Thank you for your work helping to save the frogs! Frogs make this world a magnificent place, I love them so.

  • 9542edfeb32df023ca9bf2c5eca58bba? nophoto

    Monique Owen

    $20.00 / 1004 days ago

    Well done Justin!

  • 251c178fc2fdcf247dba386b9821d819? nophoto

    Kobi Yamada

    $76.00 / 1005 days ago

    Justin, you are such a bright light. Keep shining!

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    $25.75 / 1006 days ago

    Go Justin!!! Keep up the good work Save The Frogs!

  • 5881ca259d759afb1fb9cdb065f0d986? nophoto

    Cathy Bergeron

    $5.15 / 1007 days ago

    I can't believe Justin's passion for frogs and the environment has grown into such a caring and helpful project. Amazing what a six year old can do Love Babcia Cathy

  • 9a9c61e13f898f6ae5770967c0933f76? nophoto

    Lisa O'Leary

    $10.00 / 1007 days ago

    Keep up the good work Justin! I am quite impressed by your dedication to this worthy cause! Good Luck!

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    Justin's Save the Frogs Project

    $222.00 / 1008 days ago

About Justin's Save the Frogs Project

My mission is to educate people about the environment, pollution, wetlands, and of course FROGS!  I am collecting donations and selling toy frogs for $1.00 to raise money to take action. 

All donations through this page go directly to SAVE the FROGS! (,

a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting threatened and endangered amphibian populations.

The money earned here will be used to spread the word about pollution and habitat destruction and to operate Re-Frog America events that allow children and adults to construct wetlands all over the world.

Here is how it works:

1) Make a Donation Here (no frog toy)

2) Make a Donation with a Frog Toy Purchase  

    (Pay $1.00 for each frog plus shipping)

    Contact for details:  


I've teamed up with my favorite shoe company and they are kicking back 10% of the shoe sales to Save the Frogs just by entering code: GIVE632


Instagram Page : @SavetheFrogsProject