"My name is Kathlyn Franco Osagie and believe the number one thing you can do to help wildlife is build wetlands. I have worked with small mammals, plants, reptiles and it is my work building wetlands for amphibians that I believe has made the biggest difference. If you want to help amphibians and wildlife please donate to these three wetland projects. 

I started building wetlands in 2014. It led me to seek out a masters degree. I just finished my first year of graduate school with a 4.0 GPA. I am a proud Latina women in science. My parents are both immigrants from Latin America and I am the first to graduate from High School and College. I hope to inspire women especially minority women to join the sciences. 

If you love what we are doing please donate now. The first project starts next week and we have only raised $238.  

“I just donated $100 and hopefully Kathlyn can build some of her wetlands. I appreciate all I have learned from the classes and from Kathlyn and hope to put the knowledge to use very soon.”
SAVE THE FROGS! Wetland Construction Workshop Participant Mindy Meadows

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    Joseph Odom

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    Gallina Fiedler

    $1,580.00 / 749 days ago

    Well if I had all the money in the world I would buy all land and not only frogs but all species would be protected forever! Forever grateful for my experience to Ecuador

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    Dana Craig

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    Thanks for your efforts. Tad Pole

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    Aaron and Christina Zorn

    $100.00 / 762 days ago

    This is such a straight forward and no-nonsense way to reverse the habitat destruction that endangers so many frog species- create new wetlands. Sounds easy, but it costs money to do it- so please, support this project like we did.

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    Lawrence Thompson

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    Judith A Schriebman

    $30.90 / 762 days ago

    I am so thrilled to hear about you and your work! As a zoologist (herpetologist) and water fanatic, I so appreciate the work you are doing.

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    Thomas R Biebighauser

    $1,500.00 / 769 days ago

    Kathlyn Franco Osagie knows how to design and restore naturally appearing and functioning wetlands for Endangered Species of amphibians, reptiles, and fish. She has helped built 27-wetlands for the Chiricahua leopard frog, and the California red-legged frog to date. Kathlyn works effectively with agency personnel, landowners, and heavy equipment operators to build wetlands that require little, if any maintenance. I encourage you to support her passion for restoring wetlands for rare species.

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    $30.90 / 771 days ago

    Love what you're doing! This is awesome.

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    Kelly Geer

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    These efforts have great educational and environmental value. And, Kathlyn really knows her stuff! Happy to help!

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    Patricia Gonzalez

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    Wanda M Giordano

    $80.00 / 776 days ago

    It's wonderful you are involved in helping these little creatures--- I hope this helps a bit.

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    Joseph Odom

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    Diane Weinstein

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    Kathlyn Franco

    $25.75 / 795 days ago

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    Tom Mckinnon

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Your generous financial contribution will help SAVE THE FROGS! build a total of seven wetlands. 

National Audubon Society's Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch in Elgin, Arizona:
Three of these will be built at the National Audubon Society's Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch in Elgin, Arizona. This project is a partnership between the SAVE THE FROGS!, the USFWS, the Sky Island Alliance and the Center for Wetlands and Stream Restoration. 

Last year, SAVE THE FROGS! Wetlands Coordinator Kathlyn Franco assisted Tom Biebighauser in designing these three wetlands. Now we have the chance to build them! Construction is scheduled to begin June 4th, 2017. Your donation will help us build these wetlands and provide habitat for the following endangered species:
  • Chiricahua Leopard Frog (Lithobates chiricahuensis)
  • Mexican Garter Snake ( Thamnophis eques)
  • Desert Pupfish (Cyprinodon macularius)
  • Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus)
  • Lesser Long Nosed Bat (Leptonycteris yerbabuenae)
  • Mexican Free-tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis)
Please donate to this project by using the donate button at the top right of this page!

Plumas National Forest, Feather River Ranger District, California:
Three wetlands will be built at Plumas National Forest in Quincy, CA. These wetlands will help the threatened California Red-Legged Frog (Rana draytonii) and the endangered Western Pond Turtle (Actinemys marmorata). Construction is scheduled for June 26th through June 30th, 2017. This project is in partnership with the US Forest Service and the Center for Wetlands and Stream Restoration. The wetland will be built to function as natural wetlands with little to no maintenance, and are intended to last for many decades or even centuries. The wetlands will be situated about one mile away from a known population of California Red-Legged Frogs, so we expect our new wetlands to provide breeding habitat for the frogs after the first rains arrive. New breeding habitat is critical to the future of California Red-Legged Frogs, which were nearly eaten to extinction by California gold miners in the 1800's. These frogs now face an array of threats, such as non-native American Bullfrogs, deforestation, dredging of streams, draining of wetlands and collision with vehicles on roads. Your tax-deductible contribution today will help keep California's state amphibian alive and well.

Thank you for donating and helping save the California Red-Legged Frog.

Garvey Intermediate School:
Garvey Intermediate School is a middles school in Southern California. The wetland would provide students with an outdoor science classroom, an attractive and interesting landscape, increased opportunities for wildlife viewing, and an exciting place to explore. This project is important to engage students from start to finish the construction of a wetland. This will encourage ownership and stewardship of wetland habitats. Furthermore, building a wetland will provide habitat for frogs, toads, dragonflies, butterflies, and help clean roof water runoff from the school. This wetland will add natural beauty to the school landscape with native flowering plants. Students would be involved in the construction of the wetland. They would learn how to monitor elevations using a survey tools, determine soil texture using the ribbon test, and establish native plant species for pollinators. Building wetlands at schools helps engage our youth in conservation. 

I appreciate you donating today and supporting my wetland construction efforts!