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Margot Fass, The Frog Lady here! Frogs are lovable because they are beautiful, diverse, amazing, tiny, prehistoric, and have survived incredible natural disasters, but they are threatened by human greed and carelessness. SAVE THE FROGS! is great, because they are going about saving frogs in a very personal and intelligent way, setting up SAVE THE FROGS! chapters all over the world, teaching children and adults, getting them involved through events, fundraisers, building wetlands, and having fun in the process. Please join me in supporting what I think is an excellent environmental cause, and donate today!
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  • Louisa Jaskulski

    $49.44 / 2494 days ago

    Thank you for your years of caring, and for your wonderful books.

  • Arlene Zuckerman

    $10.30 / 2494 days ago

    Happy Birthday Margot Fass!🕊

  • Paul Earle

    $103.00 / 2503 days ago

  • Anonymous

    $20.00 / 2508 days ago

    This gift is really from Maggie Everhart

  • Anonymous

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  • Phoebe Juel

    $10.30 / 2511 days ago

    Hoping to make it a little easier to be green.

  • Nannette Nocon

    $50.00 / 2511 days ago

  • Ben Earle

    $25.00 / 2511 days ago

  • Michael Krieger

    $51.50 / 2511 days ago

  • Giovanni Iuculano

    $51.50 / 2511 days ago

  • Marcella Richer

    $10.30 / 2512 days ago

  • Anonymous

    $10.30 / 2512 days ago

    I appreciate STF! for taking care of some special members of this earth!

  • Anonymous

    $15.00 / 2512 days ago

  • Brian Ross

    $25.75 / 2512 days ago

    Anyone who has met Margot, and spent time with, would agree that Margot is a true champion of this worthwhile cause.

  • Alex Millholland

    $20.00 / 2512 days ago

    Happy birthday Margot!

  • Gary Gartner

    $51.50 / 2512 days ago

  • Paula King

    $25.75 / 2512 days ago

  • Geneviève Leloup

    $20.00 / 2513 days ago

  • Linda Cala

    $10.00 / 2513 days ago

    Hoppy birthday Margot! Thanks for all you do. Love, Linda

  • Lindsay Graham

    $20.60 / 2513 days ago

    Meredith Shanklin says, "LOVE YOU MARGOT and thank you for doing this!"

  • Antonia Orlando

    $10.30 / 2513 days ago

    Happy Frogday.xx

  • Cynthia Lindner

    $22.22 / 2513 days ago

    Happy B-day, Margot. I'm grateful for like-minded people like you who care about the environment and love frogs. :)

  • Matthew Fass

    $51.50 / 2514 days ago

    Thank you, mom, for continuing this great work! Love you!

  • Lorraine Lewis

    $10.30 / 2515 days ago

    Thanks for being dedicated to this great work! And Happy Birthday, Margot! Blessings, Lorraine

  • Jaleh Estes

    $10.30 / 2515 days ago

    Happy birthday 🎂 Margot! Please save the frogs! They are some of my very favorite creatures!

About Froggy Family's Fun Fundraising

Please donate today to help me reach my daughter's $1000 fundraising goal for SAVE THE FROGS! in honor of my 77th birthday!  When I first started learning about frogs, they really caught my attention as important bio-indicators.  It seems self evident that if we want to help the planet for humans and all living things, working on behalf of the smallest of creatures is a good place to start.  

As an artist, I started making fanciful and heartfelt paintings of frogs. With a passion to share information about them, I wrote, illustrated and published a children’s book, called Froggy Family’s First Frolic.  This enabled me to go to schools and art groups to share information about the importance of frogs and the process of bringing the book from idea to publication.  We sold all of the copies printed, and I was able to give away one to each classroom I visited.  

In 2015, SAVE THE FROGS! offered a 15 week course on becoming an environmental activist. Kerry had already shown himself to be a CEO who always had time to respond to any inquiry or request, and the other staff I met through the class were equally helpful and supportive.  

Because I still work full time as a psychiatrist, I haven’t been able to do everything I’ve wanted for SAVE THE FROGS!,  but I have written and started illustrating a second book called Froggy Family’s Fine Feelings, about the froggy parents, Fern and Reid, and their offspring adopting froggy orphans (represented by endangered species).  

My personal mission is to be able to publish the two books, with more to come, in English and in Spanish to raise awareness and appreciation of my dear little amphibian friends. 

Also, this summer I was absolutely thrilled to spend two weeks on a SAVE THE FROGS! Eco tour to Ecuador with staff members Michael Starkey and Chelsea Carson, the guides they hired and the fellow travelers they attracted. There is so much to say about all of it, that I have been detracted from the Froggy Family book by writing a series of Blogs with photos for my new friends from that trip. Watch my website,, or links on my Facebook page, for these, coming soon.  

SAVE THE FROGS! is a 501(c)(3) public charity and donations are fully tax-deductible.  Thank you for your generous contribution to SAVE THE FROGS!